Friday, July 25, 2008

Why The Buzz ?

Four over a month now, I have been reading and hearing about CHI hair products by Farouk Systems Inc. The name alone is striking. I was amazed to discover CHI's popularity among so many women and men. They also have a few products for children.

I started researching this company because my Step Mother-In-Law has a salon and she is always looking for new products. I am also a Stay At Home Mom with a slew of hair products under my cabinet and a lot of time on my hands. My fascination of the CHI product line began with its unique name and its popularity.

I decided to Go to there website. The name of the company is Farouk Systems Inc. It is name after the Founder and Chairman of the Board Farouk Shami. They have two brands CHI & BIOSLK.

According to their website, what makes their CHI products so unique is the technology behind the products. There are a total of six components that make up CHI Technology CHI 44 Ceramic- which are all the colors, lighteners, styling products and tools contain CHI Ceramic ingredients, NEGATIVE IONS, LOW EMF, AMMONIA FREE COLOR and LIGHTENER, NANO SILVER and FAR INFRA RED. Although , all of the descriptions of the CHI technology are interesting. I think the FAR INFRA RED description was very interesting.

As defined by the Farouk Systems Inc. FAR INFRA RED:

Far Infra red is produced from CHI 44 ceramic in all CHI products and tools giving the user amazing performance with every product. CHI Products and tools penetrate deeper into the hair and the results speak for themselves.

FAR Infrared is the longest frequency of the infrared spectrum; it is invisible to human eyes. Far-infrared frequency can penetrate up to 1 ½ inches (4 cm) inside of the skin as well as inside of the hair. Far Infrared is drying the hair from inside out due to its ionic charge and colors are penetrating deeper. Far Infrared is heating up objects (hair/brush) not just the air. The recent studies have also shown that it can increase the blood circulation and metabolism. It can also help to maintain our general health.

There are 7 uniquely designed CHI hair products to choose from.

  • CHI Olive Nutrient Therapy
  • Curl Preserve System
  • CHI Nourish Intense System
  • CHI Ionic Color Protector System
  • CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus
  • Thermal Styling With CHI 44
Their product line descriptions are very detailed. The descriptions alone have given me a better understanding of why this product is in demand. During my research , I discovered that Farouk Shami the founder of the company is dedicated in building up this struggling USA economy by manufacturing his product lines in the USA instead of overseas.

Because of my research , I have decided that I will be adding CHI products to my collection. I found an online store where I can purchase CHI hair products , I was amaze how inexpensive the products are and they have low shipping charge. As a stay at home mom, I have to really watch the family money.

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